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The GRE® General Test

The GRE General Test offers a comprehensive evaluation for graduate, business, and law school applicants. Follow these steps to understand your GRE General Test journey:

  1. Learn About GRE

    • Gain insights into the test format and content.
  2. Testing Information

    • Understand the logistics and requirements for taking the test.
  3. Schedule Your Test

    • Plan and book your test date according to your preferences.
  4. Prepare for the Test

    • Access resources and tips to help you excel on the exam.
  5. Check & Use Scores

    • Learn how to access and interpret your GRE scores effectively.
  6. Test Content

    • Explore the detailed breakdown of the test sections and skills assessed.

The GRE General Test Overview

The GRE General Test assesses your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing abilities. These skills are essential for success in today’s rigorous graduate school programs, regardless of your field of study.

Verbal Reasoning

  • Analyze discourse and draw conclusions.
  • Identify author assumptions and understand multiple levels of meaning.
  • Summarize text and understand relationships among words and concepts.

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Interpret and analyze quantitative information.
  • Solve problems using mathematical models and basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry concepts.

Analytical Writing

  • Articulate complex ideas clearly and support them with relevant reasons and examples.
  • Sustain a coherent discussion with control over standard written English elements.

The Analytical Writing section tasks you with providing focused responses to demonstrate your ability to address specific prompts effectively.