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Academic Excellence

American schools are famous for being really good. They are among the best in the world and have many different programs and majors for people with different interests and career goals.

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The US offers diverse learning opportunities in fields like engineering, business, arts, sciences, and technology. You can tailor your education to your career goals by choosing relevant courses.

Career Opportunities

In the USA, there are lots of companies - big and small. Studying there could help you get an internship, meet important people and find a good job. It's a great way to start your international career.

We're confident in saying we have the best
Immigration programs in India, and here's why.

We're confident in saying we have the best Immigration programs in India, and here's why.

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German universities’ main intake is September, and the deadlines are 15 February–31 May. Some institutions have March intakes with deadlines from 15 November to 31 January.

German universities have application criteria. To satisfy admission deadlines, students must plan ahead. Undergraduates must show one year of university education beyond 12 years of schooling. This is in addition to IELTS 6.0 bands or TOEFL (IBT) 80 points. Master’s degree applications require 12 years of graduating and 3 or 4 years of university with a 75% average or 2.75 GPA. IELTS 6.5 bands and TOEFL (IBT) 85 points are expected English proficiency scores. MBA programs require the same coursework and English proficiency as master’s degrees. MBA candidates must additionally have 2–3 years of professional experience and a minimum GMAT score of 550.

TU9 universities demand the same prerequisites and English proficiency as other master’s programs. They must also have 200 hours of German language training and a GRE score of 1300. German top universities and education institutions form TU9 universities. These include RWTH Aachen University, TU Berlin, Braunschweig, Darmstadt, Dresden, Hannover, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Munich, and Stuttgart. TU9 universities award 57% of German doctorates.

These documents are essential for a smooth application process:

  • Academic records for 10th, 12th, and all degree/diploma years.
  • Average grade certificate
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree supplement
  • Professional, educational, and vocational certifications
  • Extracurricular certificates
  • English/German certifications
  • Updated passport
  • Ten passport-sized photos


Updated CV
Finding the best admissions route is crucial. Contacting your university, Trust for Admission to Higher Education, Uni-Assist, or directly is the best approach to choose the optimal channel. Motivation letters and job or college professor recommendations may also be required.

All 16 German states have eliminated undergraduate tuition at public universities since 2014. German public universities allow domestic and international students to study for free with a nominal semester charge for administration and other expenditures. Since 2017, Baden-Württemberg has charged non-EU students. Private universities charge 15,000–20,000 euros annually.

Public universities charge up to 5000 euros for non-consecutive master’s degrees. Private universities can charge 30,000 euros. German doctoral degrees are free and students pay only roughly 300 euros for administrative. DAAD scholarships aid students. Researcher and academic scholarships are available. The BMBF also offers scholarships to promising students.

German cities have a higher cost of living yet offer good value. Again, certain locations cost more to live in. Munich is pricey. German living costs average 9500–11,000 euros. Rent in a hostel or shared unit ranges from 300 to 240 euros. Students should budget 165 euros a week for food and 80 euros for transportation. Telephone, internet, TV, clothes, and leisure activities cost extra.

Indians staying longer than 90 days in Germany need a visa. Students must apply for a student or applicant visa. A student cannot convert a tourist visa to a resident permit in Germany. Before your 90-day stay in Germany expires, you must apply for a residence visa.

Universities require a certificate of enrolling from international students. Students must register with the local Aliens Department with proof of money and health insurance upon arriving. Prospective students must show they can afford a year in Germany. This costs about 8000 euros every year. Students should renew their 2-year residency permits in advance. Student visas cost 25 euros and residency permits 60 euros.

International students can work 120 full or 240 half days per year without a work permit. Short-term language and preparation students cannot work. Check with the DAAD if you can work while studying in Germany on a DADD scholarship.

German graduates can acquire a one-year residency visa to find work. You can get an extended residential permit from the local Aliens Department if you obtain a job during this timeframe. Visa applications require some considerations. Apply for your visa with certified or notarized copies, not the originals. Visa applicants must be present when filing.

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