Which PTE exam do I require?

The only difference between PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI is the registration procedure that complies with requirements from the UK government. If you apply for a UK visa, you must schedule the appropriate test.

Academic PTE

PTE Academic tests speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and assigns GSE scores. It is accepted by many universities globally and approved for UK, Australia, and New Zealand visas and immigration categories.

PTE Residence

For UK family, settlement, and citizenship applications, a two-skills English language exam is accepted. In PTE Home you are given a time limit of 30 minutes, it is the time limit in which you are supposed to complete the examination.

Speaking and Writing



PTE Test Fee, Validity and Test Centres

The normal PTE Academic exam price is INR 14,700. If, for whatever reason, the test taker books his PTE exam within 48 hours of the PTE test date, he will be charged a late test booking fee. PTE test scores, like IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP, are valid for two years. Over 250 PTE test centers are located in over 50 countries globally.

Our Work Process

At PTE Pranil Education, we follow a streamlined process to ensure that our students receive the highest quality of education and guidance for their PTE exams. Our process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Admissions and orientations

Step 2

Undertaking of the classes

Step 3

Mock interviews & tests

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Pranil Education maximizes student potential through personalized learning and experienced educators. Our tailored approach yields exceptional academic results and successful career paths. We are committed to providing top-quality education and support to empower students to achieve their dreams.

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Results of the PTE Academic Exam

Because computer-based assessment and scoring are used, you will be evaluated objectively and consistently.

Another benefit is speed: The advantage of taking this test is that you get the results within a few days, and if you need the results instantly, You can also you have to book the test in advance of 24 hours after registration.

Your PTE Academic results on the Global English Scale will range from 10 to 90. PTE has no minimum passing score. Each institution determines the minimum acceptable PTE score.


How can Pranil education consultants from Ahmedabad help?
Looking to study abroad from Ahmedabad? Look no further than Pranil Education Services! Our expert counselors are here to guide you through every step of the application process, from researching the best courses and universities for your needs, to assisting you with the visa procedures.
What services do Pranil education centres in Ahmedabad offer?
We offer a range of services, including university application assistance, student visa guidance, and help with researching the best courses and universities to suit your needs. We also provide information on scholarships, health insurance, and education loans to help make your dream of studying abroad a reality. In addition to these services, we offer language courses to help you improve your language skills. Our Spoken English course will help you improve your communication skills, while our French Speaking course will help you learn this beautiful language. We also offer IELTS and PTE courses to help you achieve the required scores for admission to your chosen university.
In which countries can Pranil Education consultants help me study abroad from Ahmedabad?
Overseas education consultants can help you study in top destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore.
When is the right time for applying to foreign universities?
To ensure ample preparation time, it is advisable for students to begin their applications 18 to 24 months prior to the admission cycle.