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Germany is the Ideal Destination to Study Abroad because of its world-class education, exciting urban life, beautiful landscapes and a welcoming culture with People from all over the world. Pranil Education Services help you to find the right study programme in Germany. Based on your academic background and interests. We will find you suitable study programmes.
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Summer Intake in Germany being from March/April and its deadlines usually fall before January. Classes usually have smaller sizes during the summer intake compared to those during the winter intake. This indicates lower levels of competition amongst those applying in this period. The summer intake is also accompanied by soothing and pleasant weather.
Winter Intake beings from September/October and its deadlines usually fall before July. The winter semester is ideal for participating in extra-curricular activities and taking membership in clubs and organizations. You can also begin studying in Germany without wasting any time at all.
  1. Find out consulate near you, for detail information about the requirements and getting Up A Visa Appointment. Also you can find German embassy to put up you file.
  2. Once you have find out German embassy or consulate, your next step is to review all your documents and Information provided before your file is put up for visa process.
  3. Apply for visa appointment as early possible because lot of students apply for the same so It will take long time to reach you.
  4. Once you will get your visa appointment date confirmed, re-check all your documents to make sure you have everything together.
  5. You have to pay visa application fee and have the payment confirmation with you at the time of your visa interview. You have to prepare well for your interview. And this fee is non-refundable of your visa is rejected. Once your interview is done, you will get the official answer whether your visa has been approved or rejected.
Average, It takes up to 25 days for your German student visa application to be processed. Usually processing term varies from country to country and the consulate you apply to. Normally visa processed within 3 months.​






357,386 km² (one third of Germany is Covered in Forest)


83 Million (approx)


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(i) October - March
(ii) April - September

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