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Canada PR

If immigration to Canada is your dream than Pranil Education Services is going to help you in all possible out comes.

Canada has one of the most smooth and simplified immigration policies in the world. The Canadian government has a plan to welcome over 2,00,000 new immigration each year from different parts of world.

This makes Canada the most ideal country for new-comers to move to Canada and secure Canadian Permanent Residence.

A PR visa in Canada, gives the immigrant the right to live and work in Canada.


What are the Eligibility Requirements ?

Points Required for Canadian Permanent Resident Card

To eligible for a Canada PR Visa, one has to score 67 points out of 100 points under points-based system:


Maximum 12 points

Work Experience

Maximum 15 points


Maximum 25 points

Language Proficiency

Maximum 28 points


Maximum 10 points

Arranged Employment

Maximum 10 points

What are the Documents Required for Canada PR?